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PAINT BY NUMBER - Majestic Mt. Fuji

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Satisfy your wanderlust with our brand new paint by number kits, inspired by three of Bartega's most favorite and fantastical art hubs in the world.

This kit is your one-way-ticket to:

✈️ The best stay-at-home activity

✈️ Detoxing from stress or troubles in life

✈️ Can be painted with friends, family, loved ones, or on your own!

✈️ Fun for both beginners and experienced artists

✈️ Perfect & easy to create decor for your room full of love!

✈️ All the colors are hand-mixed and made in Indonesia!

Whisk yourself away to the dreamy scenery around Kawaguchicho with our "Majestic Mt. Fuji" paint by number kit, inspired by Japan's most famous mountain! This _-color kit will make you feel like you're in the season of spring, no matter what time of year it is.

*This kit includes:*

✏️ A 20x20cm pre-numbered quality canvas
✏️ An artsy instruction card
✏️ 3 quality Bartega x Lyra Giotto brushes
✏️ Best locally made acrylic paints, hand-mixed just for you (11 custom colors)
✏️ Add mini easel to display your masterpiece when it's done!


Match the numbers on the canvas with the corresponding labeled numbers on the paint! It is easy to follow and suitable for all artistic abilities. Our paint-by-number kits offer fresh, contemporary designs and require no blending of colors, so creating your very own masterpiece is easy!

paint by number - majestic mt fuji


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